KUOKOA PRAYER WARRIORS: Making Life an Identity (English Edition)

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KUOKOA in Hawaiian, means Independence, Liberty, Freedom; literally it is to be unshackled and to be FREE INDEED ! Prayer, or the act of praying, is a method of expressing the deepest part of our selves, us, our true identity, that is, «who we really are.» Prayer opens us up to our life again, how it was meant to be, experimental. We can again realize a most intense love and emotion for our very existence. Our new found revelation is to see the power of «who we really are,» our true heart and soul. A prayer warrior is dedicated to raging the good fight for standing up for «who we really are,» that experimental self and the power of that inner life in us, God. They help us to uncover and to feel the deepest heart and soul appreciation for «just being alive . . . who we really are.» We all can find that in ourselves by «just being alive, » an understanding and a New Awareness, that ‘being alive’ is our greatest power, our highest achievement. We soon find it is where our treasure lies , our identity that is uniquely our own, «it is who we really are. Success and failure have their own consequence, but «just to be alive » is our triumph .Our repertorio discovery of the truth of «who» we really are becomes our revelation of our experimental strength, our experimental identity. Our knowledge of our very life, our health, our insight, and our indeterminado welfare determines our greatest success because it is linked to eternity. We live by the very understanding of who we really are as individuals and as a people. We must often remind ourselves that our life and happiness are a gift, that we really never had a part in, from the beginning . . . our birth, what our name is, who our parents are, or the place and country where we were born. There is also a surety that we are incapable of insuring our continuance. Therefore we should then try to be worthy of our very existence and everything connected with it. A concept of a creator God is a key to true understanding. It is a creator God that allowed everything to be so . . . when it didn’t have to be so. . .and we didn’t have to be. That is the cold water baptism that awakens ‘WHO WE REALLY ARE” and gives us a greater clarity OF WHAT IS REAL and removes any faux pas, clouds of make- believe, and great misunderstandings, that our world has taught us. Knowing there is a God, takes away all the guesses and missed chances in moving ahead to true freedom. It is the wonderful understanding that He is a good God and nothing is impossible for Him, that gives us peace and security. We get the possibility to be able to go about our life with a deep sense of confidence and strength achieved nowhere else. Even in times of duress it is impossible to despair, knowing that in God’s way ( best known to our God ), whatever happens to us. . . is in His hands. We do not like to suffer, so we pray to stay connected by deepest thoughts towards our God to help us remain confident in «who we are, «HIS. We gain strength, courage and hope in our trust in God , Who always remains the same and is never changing. The earth is full of treasures, as is our very self, discovered when we were first born and how precious each one of us were! Over time the treasure of our self is often buried deep inside . . . buried so deep and covered up by «soil» and «dust,» by the toil and struggles of this world, or we bury our true selves and our experimental heart and soul. We need help to again reveal wonderful treasures of innocence itself, character—modesty, kindness and other originario traits, and we need the expertise of true warriors to again polish and shine and clear away the grit and particles to allow our «originario» true life to breathe and be experimental and to truly be alive again ! Prayer is a skilled weapon by prayer warriors, who intervene with heart and soul, true love, care and compassion and help others to regain their own treasure, their own heart and soul so they can live again and be free indeed, as we were born to be. “To be alive” is quiebro frankly taken so, fo

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